If you want to enjoy fresh quality food in a typical Italian family-style atmosphere, Ciao Sorrento is the place for you. Ciao Sorrento prides itself on using ingredients bought daily and prepared to an extremely high, consistent standard.

Consistency is the key word. The food is always the same, excellent. It never varies or drops below this proudly maintained level. It doesn't matter whether you opt for pasta, fish, chicken or steak the dish never fails to hit the high spot. You always know you're going to be served with top quality food cooked to the highest level.

For Ciao Sorrento the freezer and the microwave oven don't exist. And it shows! As well as producing the highest quality cuisine, Ciao Sorrento prides itself on providing an equally high quality wine list to accompany their food. And if you really know your way round an Italian menu, there is a dolce selection to die for.

Just for good measure a liqueur list, including the finest grappa, is waiting to tempt you with your coffee. Ciao Sorrento is a small personal restaurant. The fact it seats only 36 enhances the atmosphere provided by the owner who does the cooking and his wife who serves the tables with great attention to detail.

All over Ciao Sorrento is a fantastic dining experience. Visit once and there is something wrong if you are not hooked. It really does have everything going for it.